Robin's portrait

my work falls into several categories:


I started painting patterns in 1996. When they began they were organic, curvy and decorative. They have since evolved to be mostly variations of round shapes. I enjoy the subtle, hypnotic repetition of pattern and how the eye moves over such a landscape. In my these paintings I create patterns which, through repetition and variation, are subtly engaging, soothing or meditative.


I've been inspired by the compositions found in clusters of buildings since I was in college. I find the negative spaces, the repetitive patterns made by windows, the irregular linear power lines, and the play of planes very satisfying.

still lives:

Every once in a while I like to paint something lovely. A simple still life has never lost its appeal for me.


I inherited an appreciation for trash from my father, a sculptor and architect who among other mediums has been known to dabble in found objects. From my stepfather, a contractor, I have learned about different adhesives and methods of sticking things together and keeping them weather proof.